7 Facts about Religion in America Today You Probably Didn’t Know

11religion2-jumboFor a long time, America has been identifying itself as the top religious nation in the globe. That might be true some point. Reason being; it was the first country in the West to be founded by Protestants, a Christian group that delinked itself from Catholic. But we must also not forget that America is one of the nations in the world where, no matter which religion you are from, you will always feel at home. We’ve seen a lot of people from different religions such as Hindus and Muslims as well as atheists find their way into America through green cards, scholarships and more.

The truth is, American’s religious landscape has changed a lot to a point we can’t say it is a religious nation anymore. The question is, what religion makes the America of today.

Facts about the religion in America today

1. Many Americans have a habit of switching religions

Sources say that more than 40 percent of American adults have changed from one religion to the next. While switching between Protestant churches is a common thing around the world, it has been noticed that many people are also converting to other religions such as Islam, Hindus and more. It is also evident than many Christian churches that are neither Protestants nor Catholics are being established today.

2. Almost 20% of American atheists believe that God exists

As mentioned earlier, America has been identifying itself as the most religious nation in the world. It might be okay to say it is true. Reason being, unlike some years before, we can hear more atheists say that they believe in some form of God. According to Pew Forum, almost 20 percent of those in the US are atheists. 6 percent of them say that they believe in a personal God, while 12 percent of them say that they believe in an Impersonal Force.

3. The number of Christians in America is reducing

Pew Research Centre say that the number of Christian in the US is going down. For example, from 2007 to 2014, the percentage of Christian’s population share reduced from 78.4 percent to 70.6 percent. Sources say that the reduction in number is influenced by the number of Christians who are dropping out from Catholic and Protestant churches. It is also evident that the decline is affected by the increase in numbers of non-Christians who are getting into the US every year.

4. Most American Protestant Churches support gay marriage

A true Christian believer knows that gay marriage is a sin. In America, that might not be the case. According to 2015 polls, 55% of American Adults support same-sex marriage which has also been legalized by the Supreme Court. The funny thing is, contrary to Christian beliefs; White evangelical Protestants approve of gay marriage. The fact is, it all started with Protestants in America and since then, it has been moving to other Christian churches across the globe.

5. Religion in America determines vote results

If you thought voting in the US is all about race and population, think again. In 2014 elections, the exit polls clearly showed that a larger percentage those who go to church at least once in a week voted for Republicans. The exit polls also revealed that 62 percent of atheists or those who don’t go to church, voted for Democrats.

6. The first American Muslims were African slaves

You might have been thinking that it is the Arabians who took Mohammed’s message to the US. That is not the case. Sources say that approximately, 10 percent of Africans who were taken to the US as slaves were already Muslims. They continued to serve their God and ended up influencing the number of Muslims in the US today.

7. 95 percent of America believe in existence of God

America is made of atheists and people of other religions. According to PEW Religious Landscape, atheists make 22.8% of the US population, reducing the number of those who believe in some religion to 77.2%. But has mentioned earlier, even some of the atheists in the US believe in some form of God. Sources say that their number combined with those who believe in some religion make 95% of the American population who believe in God.

America is big, and so are the things that are happening in it. Besides technological advances, cultures, and traditions, the religious landscape also realizes a significant change from switching from church to church to conversion. We might say that it was the work of Protestants that gave America its name, but we can’t say that they own it. Today many religions and people from different parts of the world have found their way into the US and are changing the entire religious landscape in the country. People unite in different ways. Regardless of who you are, people can benefit from regular exercises and diet. Check out The Beta Switch reviews to get more details.